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Tunes and Tapas Gig

hey guys. I will be playing for Matt Barella this tonight at 6pm-9:30pm. Im also playing next Thursday as well. Hope to see you guys there 😉

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Shaun LaBoy’s Periscope

Hey guys. It turns out its raining and snowing right now. I was suppost to play at Village on High in Millville at 6:30 tonight. But its been canceled. So just to make up for this event, Im gonna go

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Village on High Gig

Hey guys just a reminder. Im playing tonight from 6pm-9pm(maybe later) at Village on High in Millville. Ill more then likeley be inside one of the little houses; right beside the Octopus Garden Market. There will be wine tastings and

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Applebbes gig

Hey guys. Just wanna let you know that I’m playing at the Mays Landing Applebbes tonight at 9pm-11:30pm. Usually Nancy Malcun plays Tuesday night but unfortunately she has an appointment to attend tonight. But I just wanna say thank you

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Bocca Gig

Hey guys. Just want to let you know I’m playing tonight at Bocca in Margate. I wish I knew the accurate time but if you come around 6pm, I’ll probably be there. Yeah come on by. There is great food

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Boneyard Gig

Hey guys. Just a heads up. I’m gonna be playing tonight at Boneyard Bar and Grill in AC outside at 8-8:30pm. There’s a possibility I’ll be playing inside at the Le Grande Fromage too. If so then you’ll see either

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