Shaun LaBoy’s Periscope

Hey guys. It turns out its raining and snowing right now. I was suppost to play at Village on High in Millville at 6:30 tonight. But its been canceled. So just to make up for this event, Im gonna go live on Periscope.(app)(free) Periscope is an app that you can broadcast live throughout everywhere. It runs through twitter and facebook. In order for you guys to see me live, you must download the app and create an account. After you’ve done that, go to people and search for my username,BingoLegend. Then you’ll be able to see me live streaming. Also, for those that can’t come see me live as much, this will answer the problem. Its the perfect app to broadcast on. It can be watch on the computer. As long as you follow me and like me on Facebook and Twitter, you wont miss a thing. Thanks to Nancy Malcum, she got me involved in Periscope in the first place so thank you Nancy ;). I will start streaming at 6pm. I dont how long till. So i could be on for a while. I hope to see you all, Please invite your followers on twitter, facebook, and friends. Thank you guys.

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