Periscope Shaun LaBoy

12599178_194553124263347_718961577_n Hey guys. Just to give you a heads up. If you can’t come out to any events or gigs im playing at, heres the solution. Follow me on Periscope. Its an app that you can broadcast live performances of any kind. If you follow me, you will see me play some amazing music. The good thing about this app is its free. but the only bad thing about the app, it drains a lot battery; depending on how many apps you have on your phone. If you can’t stay on my broadcast the whole time(which is no biggy), It will be saved and shared automatically on twitter and facebook. Oh, I won’t be shutting up about this Saturdays event. Ill say this. This Saturday at 6pm-11pm, Ill be playing at the Steel Pier Beach for the Atlantic City Cider Social event. It will be fun and will be alot of Cider lol. I hope you guys get this message and please check my website out. Its still needs alot of work but at least you guys can see what i do with my music. Thanks again guys