Year: 2015

Last Applebees gig

Hey guys. Just a reminder, im playing tonight at the Somers Point Applebees at 8pm-11pm. Thank you Dyansty Marie for allowing me to play there for the last time before i leave.

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Applebbes gig

Hey guys. Just wanna let you know that I’m playing at the Mays Landing Applebbes tonight at 9pm-11:30pm. Usually Nancy Malcun plays Tuesday night but unfortunately she has an appointment to attend tonight. But I just wanna say thank you

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Bocca gig

Hey guys. I’m playing tonight at Bocca from 5:30-8pm. There is great food and great drinks that you don’t want to miss. Hope you can swing by cuz there great music coming to Bocca.

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Village High Street & Applebbes

Hey guys. I’m playing at Village High Street in Millville at 5:30-6:30pm. I’ll be heading over to Somers Point Applebbes play there from 8-11pm. Hope to see you there to either one.

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Bocca Gig

Hey guys. Just want to let you know I’m playing tonight at Bocca in Margate. I wish I knew the accurate time but if you come around 6pm, I’ll probably be there. Yeah come on by. There is great food

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Boneyard Gig

Hey guys. Just a heads up. I’m gonna be playing tonight at Boneyard Bar and Grill in AC outside at 8-8:30pm. There’s a possibility I’ll be playing inside at the Le Grande Fromage too. If so then you’ll see either

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Flagstone Tavern gig

Hey guys. I Have a gig at Flat Stone Tavern in EHT. It starts at 8pm to Midnight. It will be fun. There are great drinks and good food so please come on down and enjoy the show

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Maynard gig

Hey guys I just got a gig at Maynards in Margate. It starts at 6pm to 10. Hope to see you guys there.

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Yesterday’s Tavern Gig

Hey guys. Just wanna let you know that Stephen and I are playing at Yesterday’s Tavern & Liquor Store. It Starts at 7pm-11. Hope to see you there.

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WlFR 91.7 Gig

Hey guys. Im gonna be on WIFR 91.7 at 5-6pm at Stockton Radio in Galloway. Tune in and you could enjoy some amazing music.

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